Friday, July 18, 2014

Impeach Barack Obama

Lately there's been lots of talk among Republicans in Congress about impeaching Barack Obama.

I say, have at it.

Impeachment requires a simple majority vote in the House of Representatives.  The Republicans have that majority, so with some whipping, they should be able to vote out Articles of Impeachment with relative ease. 

The impeachment of Bill Clinton taught us that the Constitutional standard--"high crimes and misdemeanors"--no longer really applies.  All that's necessary is the will to gin up the charges necessary to get the vote.

And there will be lots of support among that 20% or so of the population that have been calling for his impeachment since day one--you know, the ones who think "being President while black" is a high crime.

(Of course, there is no chance of removal from office; that would require a two-thirds vote of the Senate, which is solidly in Democratic hands and which might just remain there after the election.)

The other thing that the impeachment of Bill Clinton taught us is that there is very little anyone can do that would be more effective at making a Democratic president popular than having the Republicans impeach him on specious grounds.  The Big Dog left office with a 70% approval rating, and I'm fairly certain he would be elected handily if he could run again today.

So, go ahead, Republicans.  Tilt at that windmill.  It's not like you're doing anything else important.

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